As usual, new Twitter Bootstrap release means new Octostrap3 release. This time Octostrap3 also bring some new stuff in, thanks to various contributors.

CDN friendly

Those who prefer to use a CDN instead of hosting assets like Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery should be able to do so only by modifying “custom” files in the theme. CSS are loaded from source/_includes/custom/head.html while Javascript are loaded from source/_includes/custom/after_footer.html (with the notable exception of jQuery which is in source/_includes/custom/head.html).

Line numbers in gist and code blocks

Before 3.2.0, Octostrap3 was hidding line numbers because Octopress does not support the documented lineos option. As correctly pointed out by shidarin Octopress is blogging for hackers so displaying line numbers should be the default. If you don’t want the line numbers you’ll find in sass/custom/_syntax.scss how to hide them.

Structured metadata

Thanks to Dmitry Verkhoturov Octostrap has now semantic markup for Blog and Blog Posting. If you want to improve it for your static pages you would have to do it yourself though, since the types you might use really depends on the content of your site.

That’s it for today, enjoy !