Trying to keep up to date with Twitter Bootstrap, here is a release for the 3.3.2 version. As usual a lot of good stuff happened, here is a quick summary.

The “ordinal” issue

Octostrap3 is just an Octopress theme. Sadly, Octopress does not let the theme handle all the HTML generation and rendering (that’s why we have to patch Octopress for some features). The latest issue is the date formating, which has already been discussed at length here and here.

Long story short you only need to fix the date_format configuration (in your _config.yml file) to something that strftime() can handle. For example, this blog use %a %e %b %Y, %l:%M %p.

Open Graph Protocol

Thanks to Dmitry Verkhoturov, Octostrap3 now support the Open Graph Protocol. This allow a better integration with Facebook and some others social medias (using the Open Graph tags). See the commit’s comment to fully take advantage of it.


Octostrap3 is in the process of improving Accessibility. Various small changes have been already made and it is still in progress. You can check and contribute to improve a10y by following / commenting on this issue, we’d love to hear about you !


As usual, various bug fixes and small improvements here and there :)

Enjoy !