How to do it

All you have to do is to download the theme you want and then edit source/_includes/custom/head.html. For example, you can comment the Bootstrap default theme bootstrap-theme.min.css. Check the “Pick a Theme for Only One Page” post for a complete walkthrough.

Now the only question left is where to get a new theme !


Bootswatch contains a handful of nice themes. They’re all compatible with Bootstrap3 so just pick your favourite and go.

Bootstrap Magic

Bootstrap Magic let you create your own Bootstrap theme with a very nice Web app (that seems to be completely written in JavaScript). It seems very powerful as you will have a lot of option. The good news is: you can change just a few colors and keep all the others with default values. Wether you have a lot of time or not, this Magic will surely do the trick !

Others theme sources

Here is a list of other theme sources:

  • wrapbootstrap has many nice themes. You have to pay for any of them but the prices are cheap. I don’t know how well they would work though. Most themes seems to have been designed for admin panels.
  • boostrapmaster contains a few cheap themes, also mostly designed for admin panels.